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Basketball Dig

Basketball Dig

Welcome to the exciting world of Basketball Dig, where basketball meets the thrill of excavation! Get ready to dig the sand, slam dunk the ball, and embark on a journey of addictive gameplay, creativity, and logical thinking. Basketball Dig is not your average basketball game; it's a unique blend of sports and strategy that challenges players to dig their way to victory.


In Basketball Dig, your goal is to dig through the sand to create a path for the basketball to reach the hoop. The challenge lies in navigating the sandy terrain while strategically placing the ball on its way to a perfect dunk. Each level presents a new puzzle, encouraging players to think logically and creatively to achieve the coveted three stars.

Fancy Features:

Basketball Dig introduces fancy elements to spice up the gameplay. Teleports, bombs, crates, and stones add an extra layer of excitement and challenge. Teleport your ball across the court, strategically use bombs to clear obstacles, leverage crates for tricky maneuvers, and use stones to bounce the ball in unexpected directions. The combination of these features keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging.

Realistic Physics:

Experience realistic physics as you interact with the sandy environment. Watch as the sand shifts and flows dynamically, affecting the trajectory of your ball. Master the physics of Basketball Dig to become a true sand-dunking champion.

Reward System and Shop:

Earn stars by successfully completing levels and claim enticing rewards. Use your hard-earned stars in the in-game shop to unlock unique skins for your basketball and personalize your gaming experience. From vibrant colors to flashy patterns, the shop offers a variety of customization options.

50 Different and Attractive Levels:

Basketball Dig offers a total of 50 levels, each with its own set of challenges and puzzles. As you progress, the difficulty increases, testing your skills and strategic thinking. Can you conquer all 50 levels and emerge as the ultimate SlamShift champion?

Basketball Dig is more than just a basketball game; it's a sandbox of creativity and sportsmanship. So, grab your shovel, step onto the court, and get ready to dig, dunk, and dominate in the world of Basketball Dig!


Using Mouse and Keyboard